Thursday, 7 February 2013

**=Protection Form Pearly Penile Papules=**

Ensure safe drinking water supplies and protecting food from penis bumps contamination

Control the selection of blood donors to prevent potential transmission
Active and passive immunization

Early diagnosis and isolation of the infectious patient department
Disease reporting

Anti-pearly penile pa-pules removal measures in focus: focal disinfection, increased medical surveillance for 50 days after the patient's isolation, exclusion of persons performing activities epidemiological.

Significant of these activities for a period of 40 days (the last two points do not apply to persons with protective titers of anti-pearly penile pa pules Gig), and passive immunization, if necessary. Active immunization
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Hepatitis B virus (HBO), Headman virus, called Dane particles with core (consisting of DNA, DNA polymerase and nucleic serum protein antigen Hubcap) and an outer packaging containing surface antigen (Bag HBO).

Infectious only whole virus, Bag is not infectious, but it is a sign of the virus and its replication. The third is the antigen Hear.
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Distinguished several basic Bag subtypes with different geographic distributions the stability of the virus is relatively high in organic material and in the external environment.
Second Clinical picture and diagnosis of infection

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