Thursday, 7 March 2013


Grow Taller Naturally
Component "P" (puberty, pubertal growth component) represents the phase of disjunctive growth induced these collectively  puberty. Speeds up to the age of the highest growth rate and then slows down to the end of the growth.

The three components of the PIC model are consistent with the endocrine regulation of growth and development.

 Model documents the existence of various hormonal systems control each of the components. "C" component depends primarily on growth hormone; "P" component reflects the additive effect of sex hormones. Management Components "I" is still relatively less explored.

 Infant the first three years of life, according to IMP model combining the slowing component "I" and the incoming components "C", which operates from the second half of the first year of life.

 During early childhood, the levels of gone detains and sex hormones, activated in the late fetal period. The influence of the "I" component at the end of this period, and completely ends of childhood onset, when the growth of the dominant component accounts "C"

Infantile growth period is a direct continuation of the postnatal intrauterine growth.

Growth is governed by different patterns than in later postnatal life. Parental height on the growth of the child in this period and does not directly affect growth hormone on growth rate is just starting to develop. To understand the infantile growth period, it is useful to try to understand how grow taller naturally is controlled by the fetus


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  2. The three components of the PIC model are hälsporre consistent with the endocrine regulation of growth and development.