Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Visual Impact Muscle Building - Dome Pistorius Found steroidy

Police found in the house of Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius steroids, which are used by athletes to improve performance of endurance and visual impact muscle building  On February 18 this tells The Sun.

Police commissioned a special blood test to determine whether a running champion took steroids. If the assumption is confirmed, the result would say with more certainty about the causes of aggression athlete that killed his girlfriend. The fact is, that among the side effects of a prohibited substance, in addition to the violation of the liver, kidneys and heart, are the definition of mental changes, which may provoke "rage."

It is also noted that the police has identified some "signs" of alcohol before the murder.

Version is particularly plausible amid reports about the discovery of the house Nestorius bloody cricket bat. According to The Sun, the bat athlete trying to About Rusty Moore break through the door to the bathroom, where she tried to hide from his wrath, and then shot her through the door.

The incident in the house of Oscar Nestorius has occurred on the night of February 14. The next day the runner had been charged with murder. The first hearing of the case to be held on February 19. The athlete says sweetheart shot accidentally by taking it for a burglar broke into the house. However, criminologists who have studied the nature of the wounds on the victim's body, there were some doubts about this version

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